Wills and Estate Planning

Every adult who owns an asset should have a Will.   If you have not documented your wishes for your spouse,  children, or family members then Government legislation will make the decisions for you.  If you pass on without a Will, your property will be divided according to B.C. law, increasing  the cost and time to administer your estate.

A Will serves as a legally-binding document that gives you control over whatever happens to your estate after you die, including taking care of your dependents.

By appointment only, Devinder K. Sidhu, Barrister and Solicitor, a contract lawyer in our shared space is available to answer Estate and Probate questions.

Consulting with Goddyn Notary Legal Services to plan your estate will save your spouse, children and other beneficiaries much time, effort and money. Talk to us today.

ID Requirements

You will be asked to provide two pieces of identification, one of which must be government-issued such as a Driver’s Licence, BC Identification, Passport or Permanent Resident Card.  It is critical that the names must match on the identification AND  your documents. Please call prior to your appointment if this is not the case. Note: a combined Drivers’ Licence and Medical card only count as one piece of identification.

Don’t navigate these important decisions alone. Trust the team who’ve been doing this for 35 years.

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Please complete our Wills and Testament Form  in advance.

For Executor and Power of Attorney services please email amber@ambergoddyn.com . As I am on sabattical any Notary Public business should now be directed to Devinder@dsidulaw.com or support@dsidhulaw.com