“Success is best when shared” – J. Amber Goddyn truly believes this. In January 2019 J. Amber Goddyn, the founder of Goddyn Legal Notary Services, decided to give back the White Rock community that has supported her practice and flourished since 1984. “To celebrate my 35 years of business in the community, I have made the commitment to donate $5,000 among four charities of my choice by the end of the year,” wrote J. Amber Goddyn in an email to her client list.

In addition, further donations will be made from the fees from each file in 2019 (to a maximum of ten thousand dollars)” said Goddyn. The client becomes a participant by choosing where Goddyn should send the money. Goddyn considers herself fortunate to live in White Rock where she went to school, married and raised three children. She’s delighted to support charitable gift giving this year as a way to honor. acknowledge and return the tremendous support she’s received for 35 years.