In a pandemic people need to think about their estate planning. Is what they have in place sufficient? It is always a good idea to review your estate planning documents on a regular basis, but particularly after major life events such as marriage, divorce, children, the passing of a loved one or Covid-19.

An estate plan typically consists of three major pieces:

  1. Last Will and Testament – this takes effect after you pass.
  2. Power of Attorney – this only has effect while you are alive and appoints people to help you manage your financial and legal affairs.
  3. Representation Agreement – this only has effect while you are alive and appoints people to help you with your personal care and health care decisions.

It is recommended that you review your existing documents to see if any changes are required. I recommend that you consult with your regular Notary Public or Lawyer to assist you in the review or in making any changes.

Goddyn Notary Legal Services has several worksheets you may find helpful to assist you. Your Notary Public or Lawyer will have their own. You need only to ask to receive them and I know we are all committed to making sure your Estate planning documents are up to date.

While practicing socially distancing this is an opportune time to visit your estate planning. Should you wish Goddyn Notary Legal Services to assist you in any way or send you worksheets please call into the office @ 604-531-2611 or email to

As an Essential Service, the office is open 9-5 Monday to Friday while practicing social distancing and has procedures and protocol in place for your protection and ours.

Thank you,
J. Amber Goddyn